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Specials of the week

Where does your meat actually come from?

Ham from the "Swabian-Hellish country pig"

From the Swabian-Hellish farmers association - directly from the farmer

Species-appropriate husbandry The pigs live species-appropriately in bright, airy stables. The animals have plenty of space outdoors and are kept in large boxes in groups. The grazing pigs live from spring to autumn on large outdoor areas and are fed with protein-rich acorns.

Regional fodder During fattening, Swabian-Hellish pigs receive grain from their own farm or from other regional farms. Genetic engineering, growth promoters and antibiotics are prohibited. Natural remedies are preferred for diseases.

Protected quality The strict producer guidelines define the requirements for breed, origin, quality and feeding. Every member farm as well as slaughtering and processing are checked regularly.

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Organic bacon from "Ökoland"

In addition to its own supply of organic pork, Ökoland has concluded long-term and fair supply and purchase agreements with various organic farms in Lower Saxony.

Special care is taken to ensure that the animals experience as little stress as possible. The producers deliver their animals directly to the slaughterhouse to avoid unnecessary stress.

Every farm must undergo strict teststo ensure compliance with the EU organic guidelines and the Bioland guidelines (

Ökoland pursues the goal of enabling the animals to live a life appropriate to their species on organic farms with the best possible stables and to ensure that these animals experience the least possible stress and suffering during transport and slaughter.

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